Sunday, May 04, 2008

Noon Clouds and the Wind

Noon Clouds and the Wind - oil on canvas - 48" x 60"
Have you ever stood at the base of a wind turbine and looked up? I have. This is what you see.
Sky, clouds, behemoth wind turbine.
Whoosh, Whir, Hummmm. The sound of power, energy, electricity.
I tried to capture that in this painting. Just sky, clouds and turbine. Powerful!

Here are some progress pictures as the painting developed over a month's time. Sometimes I have to turn the painting sideways, or even upside down while I work, because it's so big.

This is just bare canvas with a burnt umber wash, and the charcoal drawing. That's how I start a painting. You can see my previous painting, Bats, Butterflies and the Wind, leaning against the wall in the background. Usually I cover up finished paintings, so they don't get splashed with paint from the painting I am working on.

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