Saturday, May 24, 2008

Green Wind - gouache studies

Two studies in gouache for Green Wind - 10 x 14 - on paper.

These are the compositions I'm working through for my next painting called Green Wind. I have several ideas I want to incorporate, but I've had some challenges and "start-overs." Fortunately, these little paintings don't take long, and they give me an idea of the values and balance of the composition.

What I want to capture is the essence of green and wind. The painting by Vincent Van Gogh called Mountainous Landscape View from St. Pauls Hospital originally inspired me because I can just feel the wind moving through the field in the painting.

Plus, I want to capture the symbolism of "green." So the placement of the turbines is really important for balance. This will also be a pretty big painting, so I have to make sure the composition sizes up to 48" x 60".

I ended up discarding my first idea (above) because the fields don't seem to work and the greens will be hard to capture on a big canvas. The turbines are too little and there's not enough movement in the clouds. It looks like a storm is brewing, which is not what I want to say.

This second study is closer to what I want; waving fields of green, turbines moving in the wind, and clouds scuttling across the sky (which they can only do if there's enough wind!)

If you look closely, you can see some of Van Gogh's mountains in the background. These will probably be more prominent in the full-size painting, becuase I love them and don't want to lose them.

Green Wind is a continuation of my Primary Wind series: Red, Yellow, Blue. Does wind have a color?

Allan has been busy ordering frames for a whole bunch of new paintings, and he's doing the framing. In addition to getting paintings ready for my Power of the Wind show in September at the Rake Gallery, both of us are going to feature paintings at Anne and Michael's studio, and Cowlitz Bank. It's just a matter of pulling everything together.

Also, I was honored to have a painting selected for the cover of Lower Columbia College's Salal Review, a literary magazine featuring local artists and writers. My pastel painting Water Reflections #7 was chosen by students to be on the cover. I'm honored!

Stay tuned for progress on Green Wind!

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