Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blue Wind - here's the gouache study

Blue Wind - gouache study - on paper - 11" x 14"

This is the study for Blue Wind. I wanted to get the feel for the colors and composition.

Lots of people ask, what is gouache? I like to use it because it's opaque and I can cover up my mistakes! I never mastered transparent watercolor, and the gouache is almost like acrylic. It dries very quickly, and I can complete a small painting in as much as an hour.

When I finish Blue Wind, I'll have Primary Wind: Blue, Red, Yellow.

Can wind have a color? Can anyone paint the wind?

~paint the wind~

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Dar Presto said...

very cool! This is an awesome perspective.I'm almost dizzy.
I read your previous post about the Van Gogh. I guess it's not that same as me crying because there's a cat hair in my painting, huh?