Sunday, April 20, 2008

Water Lilies at Lake Sacajawea

Water Lilies at Lake Sacajawea - original oil on canvas - 24" x 36"

Last summer I wandered around Lake Sacajawea taking dozens of photos of blossoming water lilies. Almost one year later the inspiration to make a Monetish water lily painting grabbed me. I set my Claude Monet coffee table book opened up to one of one his water lily paintings on the floor next to my easel, and proceeded to try and emulate his colors and brush strokes. But alas, my painting did not turn out anything like his! Allan says it is antiseptic. I agree. It's too perfect! I wanted that loose painterly style, but the more I tried to capture it, the more it eluded me.

My plan was for this painting to hang in my office, but I've changed my mind. I'm going to give it another shot (being as I have another canvas the same size) and this time I'll try to loosen up! Seriously.

Water Lilies - original oil on panel - 5" x 7"
This is the little companion painting I worked on at the same time. I used it to test out colors and shapes. I actually like it better than the big one! I might frame it for my office. It's a teeny bit closer to Monet!

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A. Wise Art Journey said...

The soft warm colors in this painting bring the lake alive!