Sunday, April 13, 2008

Painting in the Gorge - and more Wind!

This is me painting at Horsethief Butte in the Columbia River Gorge today. It was a lovely day, with a little wind, but blue skies and a clear view. This is about the fifth time we've painted at this location.

Here's the painting I did. I tried to capture the blueness of the sky and contrasting warm shadows and shapes in the bluff. Afterwards, we had lunch at Los Reyes in Bingen, Allan's favorite place to eat.

The day started out with our plan to visit a soon-to-be-opened gallery in Hood River. In the process, we discovered the quaintness of Hood River. We stopped in a cafe to get a coffee, and the barista told us that lots of artists were having a "visit the studio" day.

So we got to wander through a big old building full of artists' studios! In particular, we met two artists whose work I have admired many times in Portland. It was inspiring!

Then we found the Benjamin Benjamin art gallery storefront. It isn't open yet, but it seems like a good place to hang paintings. Recently, the gallery owner asked if I'd like to show my paintings there. (I haven't actually met her, but we've corresponded via the Internet.)

So that was the real reason for our visit to Hood River, but getting to see the artists' studios was an unexpected bonus! A long time ago Allan and I spent a night at the Hood River Inn, but I'd forgotten how nice a place it is.

This is the little wind painting I did on Saturday. It didn't turn out exactly as I'd planned - that's what I get for having a plan! But I did get more of a feel for the guoache.

It was a very nice weekend. I hope we get back to Hood River soon!

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