Monday, April 07, 2008

Coal Isn't the Answer

Coal Isn't the Answer - 8" x 10" - goauche

I've been wanting to try watercolor again because it's so much easier to paint with on location than oils. So I had to dig through all my old watercolor stuff and put together a carton of supplies. While I was doing that I discovered my stash of goauche paints that I used to paint with years ago. I was amazed they hadn't dried up. I love goauche because it gives you the best of both worlds. You can get transparent effects like watercolor, or opaque effects like acrylic.

The I discovered I didn't have the right kind of paper. I've always loved the hot-press watercolor paper because paint just sits on the top and you get brighter, clearer colors. So we had to make a trip to Portland for supplies. I picked up a block of 9" x 12" Winsor & Newton hot-press paper and Allan got some larger blocks of cold-press paper.

Of course, the weekend's weather was so nasty there was no way we could paint outside. We'd talked about visiting the tulip farms in Woodland but the wind and hail were blowing like crazy. So we stayed home and I tried out my long lost goauche on this little painting. I did the turbine with opaque white so I could get the shape correct but the rest was done with lots of water. I didn't plan it, just gave myself one hour to see what happened. In fact, I fit a load of laundry in between one layer drying. I ended up with a black blob on the right and I turned it into a coal plant. It must have been my subconscious expressing how much I think a coal plant in Kalama is wrong, no matter what kind of fancy name they give it.

I wish more people belived in wind power. I think it is really important. The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind. And it isn't coal!

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A. Wise Art Journey said...

The art contrasts of the pollutants and the amber fields is significant. I read a lot recently about science socking away seeds in case a growing season shuts down. Coal energy as we all know is not the answer. Violet as a color is ominous. We have to strike good balances for our life giving and yellow sun!