Sunday, April 06, 2008

Art in the Blogosphere

I don't have an artwork to post, just an observation about art in the blogosphere. Last week a colleague who is the art gallery director at Lower Columbia College forwarded me a blog posting written by Eva Lake, a Portland artist, mentioning Lucinda Parker's artwork at the Laura Russo gallery in Portland.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Lucinda Parker, she's the artist who was commissioned through the Washington State Arts Commission to create the mural that is installed at Lower Columbia College's new Rose Center for the Arts. It's a wonderful and magical interpretation of the coming together of many waters, symbolizing the many rivers that converge in and around Longview, Washington.

Since I always try to visit a cadre of galleries on First Thursday, I stopped at the Laura Russo gallery (which is outside my usual route) and had the most unexpected pleasure to meet and chat with Lucinda Parker. She's a charming lady, and talented artist.

Lucinda told me her experiences in creating the mural, and how she researched and developed the concepts by visiting the Cowlitz County Historical Museum, where I live. I saw all of the studies she did for the commission, and she explained the development of each and how they were received (and interpreted) by the panel who ultimately selected her for the artwork

To sum it up, this shows me just how powerful art news in the blogosphere can be. The happenstance of receiving an e-mail about an art blog, which led to me visiting a gallery I would not ordinarily have gone to, followed by the discovery of another artist (Eva Lake) who displays in a Portland gallery, was totally random, and yet each occurance has a unique and personal connection to my own artistic life.

I subsequently visited Eva Lake's blog and discovered she's a Portland artist at the Augen Gallery, and her most recent blog posting covers the opening at the Rake Gallery, of which I'm a member! Most likely Eva and I were both at the Rake Gallery on Thursday night at the same time, yet totally unaware of our connection via the blosphere!

Small world!

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