Saturday, March 08, 2008

Plein Air - Longview Community Church Reflection

Longview Community Church Reflections - 11" x 14" - oil on panel.

Saturday, Feb. 24. From the west side of Lake Sacajawea in Longview; we could see the reflections of Longview Community Church in the water. I have always wanted to paint this view. But it was cold and I'm not sure I captured it in just 1 hour and 45 minutes.

This is my second plein air painting in 2008. Allan gessoed our panels. You can see the painting he did that day on his blog.

I did the whole painting with a palette knife. The paint is really thick and still not dry. I think I am getting better. I love the squishy quality of paint on a knife. It was fun!


Brenda said...

Marie, I think you captured the reflection very nicely. I can feel the crisp air. I like this painting a lot.
-- Brenda --

A. Wise Art Journey said...

Congratulations on the award given on this piece at a recent show. You make great reflections!