Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Harvest - after Van Gogh

The Harvest - 36 x 48
It was time for another study of an Old Masters painting. This time, a Van Gogh--one of Allan's favorites--The Harvest.
It is amazing how much there is going on in this painting. You don't realize it at first glance, but there are six people working in the fields, four carts, two horses, four barns, and about eight buildings in the distance. That's in addition to the hay fields, hay mounds and fences.
The fascinating thing was to try and replicate the brush strokes and the colors. I had a pretty good print of the painting in one of my art books, but it was still a challenge to capture those colors. What I discovered is that Van Gogh was a master at mixing muddy colors. They looked so yucky on the palette, but when I put them next to each other on the canvas, voila, they came alive. Genius!
Allan likes this painting. It is going to hang in our dining room. Our own Van Gogh!

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