Sunday, October 14, 2007

Spirit of the Wind

Spirit of the Wind - 48" x 60"

This is my first large painting about wind energy. I want to do a series of paintings called Power of the Wind that focus on how wind energy and nature coexist in harmony.

I've had the idea for this painting in my head a long time; to somehow show a giant Northwest spirit symbol like the raven or eagle watching over wind energy in a mythical way. I've never painted anything larger than 30" x 40," but I decided to try a bigger painting, mostly because all the work I see in Portland galleries is large, and because the subject matter seems compatible with a big canvas. Plus, I found this canvas on sale!

If you know me, you will understand why I paint wind energy. If you don't know me, just realize how important wind energy is to our environment and economy.

I kept a record of the working stages of this painting, although they don't define how I always paint, only how I painted this one. They link to my Flickr site:

In the value study and color block, you can see the problem I had with the tree. It was a perspective problem. I was never that good at perspective! But I managed to resolve it.

Right now I'm half way through the second painting in the series: Sunflowers in the Wind. It is the same size and I am beginning to master the challenges of painting large. For one thing, it take a lot of paint! You also have to step back all the time to see how the painting looks from a distance. Because people will be viewing it from farther way, it means the detail I spend time fussing with up close is really irrelvant. Which is freeing in a way, but sometimes hard to let go of. I'm also using a new medium, Neo Megilp, that I learned about in my Hipbone class.

To learn more about the power and beauty of wind energy through art go to ReImaginations.