Sunday, October 01, 2006

Daily Painting # 1 - Blackberry Leaves # 1

My first daily painting - Blackberry Leaves #1

5" x 7" original oil painting on wooden panel

I'm interested in botanical artwork so I thought I'd create a small study of the blackberry vines that grow profusely where I live.

Here's the Haiku poem my husband wrote about it:

Unwinding stickler
Stretching out in evening's sky
The barbed blackberry

If you would like to purchase this painting email me with the name of the painting in the subject line. It is $65 plus $5 for shipping in the U.S.

1 comment:

craigstephens said...

Hooray! You started. This is a nice opening piece. We have a neighbor who has blackberry bushes invading our yard through the fence. I'm always ripping them out so they don't take over our yard as well. You've managed to make yours look unthreatening and lovely. I can't wait to see what you do tomorrow!