Monday, September 18, 2006

Water Reflections #3

This is another pastel painting I did recently, of the water reflections from a pleasure boat in the San Diego marina. The day was bright and clear and the water was totally still, creating a myriad of reflections in the water.

As I've been sharing my artwork with you it's occurred to me that my blog is a diary of my oil paintings, and here I am sharing my pastel paintings. But I have some logic behind this decision.

Several weeks ago, after I read an article in The Artist's Magazine, I made the decision to start creating small oil paintings every day. Since then I've learned so much about other artists who are growing and painting the same way. And I've been preparing painting surfaces and creating small paintings like crazy, plus blogging away and building up a mailing list to share my paintings with. At the same time some of my friends have started doing the same and they are as amazed as I am at what they are learning. That as artists, we have the power to market our unique expressions to the world! This is extraordinary. I have people on my mailing list from as far away as Australia.

In the process I've asked myself, what would the Impressionists or Vincent Van Gogh have done if they'd had the Internet? Can you imagine--the revered Mr. Monet sending me an email!

So while I've been pondering these ideas I've been painting and painting. People always say that artists are scattered and non-linear. Artsy fartsy they say, and then ask me why I'm so organized, I don't seem anything like an artist. Truth is, artists are as varied in personality type as any typical group of people in a workplace. Me, I have to do things in a concrete linear fashion, one step at a time, in a way that makes sense. That's my personality and I'm stickin' to it!

Thus, I'll begin posting my daily paintings on October 1, the day I've decided I'll be ready. In the meantime, in a linear fashion I'm sharing my other works with you. I hope you enjoy them, because they are a part of my journey.

Oh, I better go do some painting now! And yes, my studio is very neat!


adgblog said...

Beautiful reflexes on the water...

Paul in SF said...

Great water image!

I'm working on a large pastel of my nephew in a pool, and haven't quite resolved HOW I want the water yo look -- except that I want to create a double entendre and make the water look like celestial space. Photos of my pastel's progress are on my blog:

How did you get your edges so smooth?
Paul (San Francisco)