Monday, September 25, 2006

Reassurance - Original

This obviously isn't a painting done in one day, but I wanted to post it because it's my first painting done in the old master's style. I will probably add some more layers to the flesh, but it's almost finished.

This painting started out as a study in rendering realistic flesh, because I figured if I could paint hands then I could probably paint any part of a figure, and what I really want to do is some figure work. Thus, it was an exercise in technique that I hope to use in future paintings.

I worked the background a lot and finally added some blues to cool it down. You can see the previous version here. At that point I wasn't sure it would make it, but sometimes you have to let things rest for a while.

I read somewhere that as an artist if you are satisfied with one or two square inches in your painting, no matter what its size, then you have been successful. Well, there are two small areas in this painting that I think are good. In the process I learned a lot, mostly what not to do. I guess there's no other way to learn that, except to have done it. Like a mistake, if you're smart enough, you learn from it. I hope I am.


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This is beautiful!