Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One little panel

My art journey took a different path recently, after I read an article in the September issue of The Artist magazine about an artist that creates one painting a day and posts it to his blog, then sells it on ebay. After I read the article I started searching for websites and blogs made by artists who do this and found some surprising inspiration.

The result is I'm getting ready to try it out myself. As you can see, Allan is holding one 5" x 7" panel next to my big White Iris painting that I've been working on for a while. You would think a painting surface this small wouldn't scare me, considering I'm working quite large - 36" x 48" on this painting. But the idea of completing one small painting in a single session is a new concept for me.

The artists that are doing this are amazingly good, and after reading through some of their early posts I can see how their paintings and techniques developed. So if it will help me grow as an artist, I'm all for it. The other part of the puzzle is what to paint. I've always been a detail painter with a fascination for illustrations, which occasionaly translates into botanical subject matter. So the idea of creating small botanical painting studies of plants and flowers that grow around seems like a natural extension of my interests.

But in order to get ready, that is to put these paintings on a blog and all that, I've had to enter the cyberblog world and learn all about blogs, groups, and lists. Then I had to update my website and figure out how to switch my blog to the beta.blogger so I could have neat looking text areas for links and stuff like the other artists have. This definitely cuts into painting time, and as I still have to reserve time to sleep and feed the cats, my painting has been on hold a few days. Then there's the task of preparing these little painting boards and figuring out how, once I get a painting on my blog, to get visitors to know its there. So I made a mental commitment to not get stressed out about it, but to work on my blog a little every day, and add one or two people onto my list. It can't help but grow.

With that in mind I worked on the background of White Iris tonight and it's definitely improving. I wish I could figure out how to post another picture on here but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe something to do with this dinosaur of a computer I'm using? That's a whole other story!


Anonymous said...

marie - this from another Marie -Ilove the view from your window -keepgoing girl!----Marie G

David said...

Hang in there, Marie. It will be worth it...one word of caution...it can be very addicting (read as EXCITING). Don't forget to enjoy it.