Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Poppy Quilt Paintings

Poppy Quilt Fini
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Wise Girl.

The Poppies - first in a series of textural explorations. I love them very much because they came from my heart.

Friday, June 02, 2006

'57 Chevy Belair painting doesn't define my style

This is an oil painting of a '57 Chevy Belair. I did it for the upcoming Art Connection artwalk in historic downtown Longview. The few people who've seen it go nuts. Well, like I'm not really a car person, so I don't know why they think it's so cool, but maybe someone will buy it. I much prefer a more textural floral piece that I just finished for my husband who picked out the reference photo to work from, even though I myself would have picked something entirely different.

Anyway, the gist is that you just never know what someone else is going to like artwise. Everyone is different. Some of my paintings I think are rather mediocre and then someone will just just love them. But when I think a painting is phenomenal, no one will give it the time of day. Usually I just ask yours truly. He has a pretty good grasp of what's good and what isn't. I get too emotionally wrapped up in my paintings--well except for this chevy, being that I'm not a car person--never will be. If it looks decent and gets me where I'm going, I'm happy. So what if it's a 12-year old Honda? It still runs good!

But back on track--I guess the meaning and purpose of the painting process for me--and I've analyzed this a lot--is always learning, learning, and more learning about the technique of expressing in color and brushstroke the "feeling" of the subject in the painting. See, it wasn't easy for me to say, let alone to try and do it!